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What medications does my dentist need to know about?

Your dentist should know all your regular medications The side effects of many common prescription medications include problems in the mouth. By knowing your medications, the dentist can correctly identify and treat any that you develop. Common side-effects include dry mouth, inflammation (puffiness) of the gums, general sensitivity in the mouth and an increased chance […]

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Tooth whitening: what you need to know

It’s true: tooth whitening is a quick, relatively simple way to brighten a smile. Whether you opt for the quick in-chair method, or prefer to use your custom trays every now and then for a freshen up, it’s important to know that tooth whitening is not a solution for everyone. Certain stains respond well to […]

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How chewing sugar-free gum helps fight tooth decay

Chewing gum used to be a sweet treat – why now do the adverts claim it fights tooth decay? The very first thing to note is that the gum must be sugar-free! And it works by boosting saliva production. How does saliva help fight tooth decay? The carbohydrates we eat also feed the bacteria that […]

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New season? – get a new mouthguard!

Time for a new mouthguard? A new season is here! Time for membership and insurance, new uniforms, replace outgrown shoes . . . and, yes, a new mouthguard. Mouthguards: what are the options? Cheap off-the-shelf mouth guards offer little in the way of protection in the event of a knock to the face. This is […]

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Tooth brushing – how to do it well!

What are we really doing when we brush our teeth? Plaque is a clear film that collects on the teeth due to the action of bacteria in the mouth. More plaque builds up when these bacteria feed on the residue from our meals. Tooth brushing, when done well, easily removes plaque and helps prevent tooth […]

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‘smile.com.au’ partner for great value at every dental visit

Here’s something to smile about… Bli Bli Smiles is a new smile.com.au partner smile.com.au is re-inventing dental cover and is on a mission to make quality dental care more accessible forAustralia. Dental insurance with a difference For under $100 a year for a single, couple or family, smile.com.au dental cover will save you aguaranteed minimum […]

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3D printing & digital dentistry

3D printers produce single crowns, bridges or full arches with tolerances of 50 micrometres. Already in use in laboratories, digital dentistry will evolve and become more available. Multi-practice corporations are expected to show interest in controlling their production costs. 3D printers and digital dentistry promise greater accuracy and efficiency current systems found around Australia. (These […]

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Tooth staining – how and why, and what you could do to help

Why don’t teeth stay white? Foods and drinks we choose, and factors such as smoking, play a role in staining our teeth. Sometimes certain antibiotics or other medications can cause some tooth yellowing. Generally, understanding which foods and beverages are more likely to discolour teeth and knowing preventive tips can help. About foods and tooth […]

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