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What to consider before tooth whitening

Things you should know about teeth whitening Teeth whitening, a comparatively non-invasive cosmetic procedure is extremely popular and becoming increasingly available. From the information in many promotional advertisements, it would be reasonable to assume that all whitening products guarantee a Hollywood smile for everyone. And this simply is not the case. Which stains? Tooth whitening […]

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Caring for your mouth after a tooth extraction . . .

Special care following removal of a tooth The formation of a good clot is the key to trouble-free healing after tooth extraction. Anywhere else on the body, a clot dries to a scab which is essential to the repair and healing of tissues underneath. Immediate first aid Apply compression by biting down on a gauze [...] Read More

When a tooth is knocked out . . .

First aid for lost tooth: Perhaps there’s been a knock or collision during sport or a different accident, and a tooth has come right out. Knowing the correct emergency first aid can make the difference between saving or losing this tooth. Before you get to the dentist Firstly: Time is critical after a tooth is […]

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