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What medications does my dentist need to know about?

Your dentist should know all your regular medications The side effects of many common prescription medications include problems in the mouth. By knowing your medications, the dentist can correctly identify and treat any that you develop. Common side-effects include dry mouth, inflammation (puffiness) of the gums, general sensitivity in the mouth and an increased chance […]

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Tooth brushing – how to do it well!

What are we really doing when we brush our teeth? Plaque is a clear film that collects on the teeth due to the action of bacteria in the mouth. More plaque builds up when these bacteria feed on the residue from our meals. Tooth brushing, when done well, easily removes plaque and helps prevent tooth […]

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What can I do about bad breath?

Bad breath causes so much embarrassment and anxiety, there are countless products to combat it: flosses, washes, gums and tongue scrapers! OMG! Why do I have bad breath? Finding the cause of the problem is key – prior to buying up big at the pharmacy. The majority of bad breath is caused by factors within […]

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Where to get calcium if you’re ‘dairy-free’

Other sources of dietary calcium Dairy products provide calcium which, as we learn from childhood, is essential for strong bones and teeth. But even if you are cutting back or cutting dairy from your diet, there are a variety of other foods providing sufficient amounts for bone and dental health. Vegetables & leafy greens Eating […]

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COVID Level 1 & Dentistry

Dentists are following the easing of restrictions for preventing the spread of COVID19 by moving to Level 1 precautions. Level 1 in dentistry In a nutshell, so long as you are well, have no cold or flu-like symptoms and have not been in close contact with anyone who is unwell, then dental treatments can go […]

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Lifting COVID restrictions: what does it mean for dentistry?

From Monday the 27th April, the Australian Government has agreed to ease restrictions for elective surgery, including some dental procedures. COVID19 Level 2 restrictions at the dentist In dentistry, social distancing cannot be observed, and non-essential procedures will still be postponed. However, there is more scope now for treatment options to remedy small problems or […]

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Dental treatment during coronavirus shut down

Dentistry and COVID-19 The Australian Dental Association, our professional body has set guidelines to reduce transmission of the coronavirus. As a clinic, we are following the recommendations. As health professionals in an evolving scientific environment, we are striving above all else, to not make things worse. Urgent dental problems and coronavirus Level 3 restrictions allow […]

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TMJ pain: when it hurts to chew or yawn

TMJ, or temporo-mandibular joint, is the joint between the temporal bone of the skull and the mandible or jaw. It is easily felt by placing fingertips just in front of the ear holes and opening and closing the mouth. The anatomy of this joint allows for incredible stretching open, for example to bite into an […]

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Best dental care during pregnancy

Health during pregnancy is about caring for both yourself and your growing baby. It is a time to eat well, ensuring you take in the extra protein, calcium and essential vitamins to meet the increased demands. Recommendations also include drinking plenty of water and reducing your sugar intake. This also the best advice for taking […]

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