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What your dental chart tells the dentist

Your dental chart What does this even mean: “One eight missing, one seven M.O. composite, one six M.O.D. amalgam, one five has M.O. caries . . .”?  Previously recorded on paper, today this jargon is transcribed to picture format, either 2D or 3D, and saved in a digital dental chart. The above is an example […]

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What to consider before tooth whitening

Things you should know about teeth whitening Teeth whitening, a comparatively non-invasive cosmetic procedure is extremely popular and becoming increasingly available. From the information in many promotional advertisements, it would be reasonable to assume that all whitening products guarantee a Hollywood smile for everyone. And this simply is not the case. Which stains? Tooth whitening […]

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Mouth ulcers – what can I do about them?

An ulcer is the result of a break in continuity of specialised lining tissues in the body. Externally, ulcers develop on the skin and internally, the stomach is known for them. It follows that breaks in the lining of the mouth, or oral mucosa, result in development of mouth ulcers. Inside the mouth, saliva keeps […]

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