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A link between diabetes and periodontal disease

Two types of diabetes The acquired, or Type ll diabetes, is now considered to double the risk of periodontal disease compared with healthy individuals. Other consequences can include heart and kidney disease, peripheral nerve damage and damage to other organs including the eyes. However, if caught early, this form of diabetes is considered to be […]

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‘Recaldent’ and other sugar-free gums

Sugar-free gums after a meal are regarded as beneficial for oral health. So how do they work? Dental plaque and carbohydrates Carbohydrates we eat provide food for the bacteria that reside in our mouths. Dental plaque together with this bacterial ‘digestion’ produce lactic and acetic acids.  Therefore, in this low pH environment that follows eating, […]

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TMJ pain: when it hurts to chew or yawn

TMJ, or temporo-mandibular joint, is the joint between the temporal bone of the skull and the mandible or jaw. It is easily felt by placing fingertips just in front of the ear holes and opening and closing the mouth. The anatomy of this joint allows for incredible stretching open, for example to bite into an […]

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CDBS – free dental for kids under Medicare scheme

The Australian government’s Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS) commenced on 1 January 2014. It aims to provide basic dental services for around 3.4 million children. The total allowance of $1,000 per child runs over a two-calendar year period. How do I know if my child eligible for CDBS? The scheme is means tested. You may qualify if, […]

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