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A crown – or cap – is fitted over a tooth that is broken or cracked or at risk of cracking.

Also used for aesthetic reasons, crowns can be made of porcelain or a ceramic, although for extra strength and durability gold or metal alloy can be used on rear teeth.

Our crowns are made to a high standard with only TGA approved materials. Our lab is local, and together we offer a reliable service and warranties.

Having a crown generally requires two appointments. The first is the longer and involves several preparatory steps:

  • taking impressions for the temporary solution while the crown is manufactured
  • resizing and shaping the natural tooth
  • if a bridge is required, the two teeth either side of the missing tooth are prepared
  • taking impressions from which the crown or bridge will be made
  • making and fitting the temporary crown or bridge
  • the impression is sent to the dental technician to be made which usually takes 10 working days


Around two weeks later, at a shorter appointment:

  • the temporary crown or bridge is removed and the tooth cleaned
  • checking the shape and colour is correct
  • permanently cementing the crown
  • and checking the occlusion or ‘bite together’

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