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Custom mouthguards offer the best protection and peace-of-mind.

Custom mouthguards offer the best protection and peace-of-mind.

Cheap off-the-shelf mouthguards with their “fit almost everyone” approach offer little in the way of protection in the event of a knock to the face. And unfortunately, the boil-and-bite / DIY version which appear to offer customisation don’t fit snugly or comfortably and spend much time outside of the mouth.

The custom-made-by-the-dentist variety offers the best possible protection by effectively spreading the force of a blow over the widest possible area.

The perfect fit is achieved when the dentist takes an impression of the upper row of teeth, or the ‘upper arch’. This impression material dries and is removed – resulting in a perfect cast of the upper teeth. Plaster of Paris is poured into the mould creating a perfect model of the teeth.

Acrylic – in the colour or pattern of choice – is applied under vacuum ensuring the material moulds to the model. A well-fitting device allows the wearer to breathe freely and communicate clearly.

Check with your health fund.

Private health funds offer a rebate for one mouthguard per year ranging from $50 to 80% of the fee. To find out your particular cover, call your fund and quote the dental code for a custom-fit mouthguard which is 151.

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