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Is Hygienist the same as an Oral Therapist?

Oral Health Therapy is a four year full-time Bachelor degree course which differs from the qualification of Dental Hygienist. Like your Hygienist, an oral health therapist can scale and polish, root scale and deep clean. Oral Therapists can also  diagnose and carry out treatments such as simple fillings. Both practitioners take dental x-rays and remove sutures, and […]

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What your dental chart tells the dentist

Your dental chart What does this even mean: “One eight missing, one seven M.O. composite, one six M.O.D. amalgam, one five has M.O. caries . . .”?  Previously recorded on paper, today this jargon is transcribed to picture format, either 2D or 3D, and saved in a digital dental chart. The above is an example […]

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Not ‘just’ a check-up . . .

Lots of people have regular check-ups with their dentist – often every 6 months. In fact, it is easy to become very casual about it but few of us realise the level of assessment going on.

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